We are Double Cheese 🍕 - pizza delivery company from Kharkov.
Every day we work under fire for deliver food to bomb shelters for children, women and all people who are sheltered from Russian bombs.

About us

Pizza is the perfect dish in the whole world! Real Italian pizza according to the classic recipe is prepared on a thin dough, with a juicy topping, melted mozzarella and a fragrant Pilati tomato sauce.

Our pizza is the embodiment of a taste for life and incredibly tasty and healthy food. We use only natural, fresh and high-quality products. Our pizza is baked in a fireclay oven and prepared, as they say, “from under the knife”. You can watch this right on the spot, as we have an open kitchen. We have a wide range of pizzas for every taste!!!

And even for gourmets, we have something – a cheese board. Philadelphia cheese is put on board, which makes it extraordinarily juicy and tasty! We can also offer you Stromboli – a type of closed pizza that you have not tried anywhere else. The name of this pizza comes from one small volcanic island near about. Sicily. Why does this pizza still evoke associations with a volcano? The fact is that before baking, cuts are made in the dough, due to which, under the influence of temperature, the sauce “erupts” from the holes and, like “fire-breathing lava”, flows down the walls of the roll. How appetizing, spectacular and insanely delicious! So without further ado, we invite you to try our stromboli!

For those who love food at home, we also have delivery, we are ready to bring you pizza to any part of the city of Kharkov.
If you love pizza as much as we do, then we are ready to cook it for you!!!

We can pre-order and order delivery by numbers: 0980524966; 0506142411.

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